What is coaching?

A co-creative partnership between Coach and Client, coaching is a process of inquiry designed to support people in discovering what they truly want, and what is in the way of achieving it.  Coaching provides people with unbiased, non-judgmental reflection and inquiry, and tools to support changes they want to make.  My practice is based on the belief that clients are whole, perfect and complete, just as they are.  There is nothing wrong and nothing to fix.  We start from there.
True, clear inquiry paves the way for clients to move aside barriers and access their innate wisdom, peace, and joy; to reveal their own solutions and answers that were previously hidden from their sight.  Blinders are taken off and clients have access to greater freedom to choose.  Most importantly, it is the wisdom of the client, not the coach that is revealed.

Ontological Coaching

The kind of coaching I do is called Ontological Coaching.  Ontology is the study into the nature of being.  When clients examine who they are being (before getting into the doing) they discover their awareness expands.  Solutions and clarity emerge without struggle.  Their results are far more powerful and lasting, in part because they are being differently in the world.  Put another way, who we are being creates and affects everything we do.  It is a holistic approach.

By participating fully in Ontological coaching, clients:

  • Have a sense of deep confidence they’ve never experienced before
  • Create intended results in their lives without struggle or pain
  • Are not frozen or stopped by fear
  • Create enhanced and meaningful relationships both personal and professional
  • Experience a sense of peace and clarity that was not previously accessible
  • Feel a connection to others and the world
  • Live with a sense of acceptance – release and forgive past hurts
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