How does coaching work?

Coaching is done by phone, Skype, or Zoom for 60-75 minutes weekly, typically 4 times per month.  You will have specific goals you want to accomplish, and you will be able to measure your results. Spot coaching and email support is available between sessions by request.  How long you coach is determined by you, however we recommend that if you want to create a lasting shift, you consider taking on coaching for a minimum of 4 to 6 months.  Payment is due monthly prior to our coaching sessions.  Coaching fees vary slightly depending upon individual needs and frequency of coaching.  Please contact me to discuss what works for you.

What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy or Consulting?

Therapy:  In general terms, therapy deals with healing past traumas, or looks to fix something that is wrong.  The therapist “diagnoses the patient” and is regarded as having knowledge the client doesn’t have. Therapy deals with past issues.
Consulting:  The consultant is considered an “expert” in a specific area or subject, and brings suggestions or directions to the client based on the consultant’s expertise and industry knowledge.  The consultant “advises and makes recommendations”.   
Coaching:  The coach provides unbiased reflection and skilled inquiry for the client to discover within themselves, solutions and answers to their questions.  It is an equal partnership between coach and client – the coach is not the expert in the client’s life. The coaching process deals with the present, focusing on an intended future.  The coach does not give advice or instructions.  Occasionally, the coach may make recommendations with permission from the client, based on a client-driven agenda.  However, an important distinction is that the coaching process is client-driven.  And while coaching can be very therapeutic in nature (providing greater peace, joy, and contentment), it is not therapy.

What kind of things can I coach on?

Anything you want to enhance or create, or experience more fully, such as:

  • Your dream career or job
  • Health and well-being:  physical, mental, emotional
  • Self-confidence and self-expression, creativity
  • Time management:  life/work balance
  • Relationships (our greatest teachers) of all kinds
  • Finances and building wealth
  • Spirituality and fulfillment
  • Quality of life
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