I dare to "DO"! I stepped into a position of power

“I noticed after the Essence conversation that it gave me a broader vision of myself. It gives you a power you don't realize you have. I’ve never had a really strong internal sense of power in my life and by incorporating Essence into my life, I felt comfortable being truthful about who I am. What changed? I dare to "DO"! I stepped into a position of power that formerly scared me. Now, I love being in that position! People think coaching is indulging - it isn't. It's life altering!”

Her coaching completely shifted my perspective

“Working with Liz as a coach was such an enlightening and insightful experience. She is gifted with a sense of insight, compassion, and intuition and skilled with an ability to tap in on the individual issue, create presence, and give valuable and enlightening support.  I highly recommend if anyone has the opportunity to get coached by Liz, her value, support, and insight are priceless. As an entrepreneur myself, her coaching completely shifted my perspective from a state of high-stress to a more relaxed and confident state of being.”

Before I began working with Liz, I had been feeling "stuck" and depressed for quite a while. I knew exactly what I wanted to leave behind AND what I wanted to move towards, and I also knew what I needed to do to make the changes happen, but I just could not get myself to start taking action. After just a short time working with Liz, everything changed. Why? Because she really heard me, and she knew how to take what she heard and use it to create some practices that I could use to move forward. Liz is non-judgmental and masterful at keeping the focus on the needs of her client.  I felt that I could tell her anything and it would be received with respect and compassion.  Once I began taking small steps to take better care of myself and implement the practices she recommended, I found a wellspring of energy and commitment to my new goals that resulted in significant progress toward achieving them. I've regained my enthusiasm and my hope and am MUCH closer to creating the kind of life that I'd been looking forward to!


“I was very skeptical about "life coaching". I didn't understand what that meant until I spent a few weeks with Liz. I always thought coaching was centered only around business principles, but I discovered that Liz was able to help me focus on other areas of my life -- which in turn helped my business thrive.  Since starting my coaching sessions with Liz I've gained confidence in my abilities not only as a small business person but in my personal life as well. Her methods at first seemed strange, but after a few weeks they made sense and I had a shift in the way I viewed obstacles and challenges both at work and at home. I feel like I've become a stronger person, there is a love of life that seemed to be lacking for the last few years and my stress level has decreased.  I would recommend Liz to anyone that's looking to better themselves whether that's being more organized, healthier, more productive at work or a better role model for their kids. She has really changed my outlook on life.”


“I have only been in the coaching program for a couple of months and I cannot be happier with the changes and shifts in my perspective, actions and overall positive difference in my life. I have truly come to value the importance of taking care of oneself and learned through practice that making small bites into big plans can create a giant difference into realizing even bigger dreams.”


“The time I spent with Liz was truly transformational. She was a mirror for me to see my shortcomings and my greatness! Being able to reprogram my thoughts around money has changed the way I live my life. Taking action in my life has allowed me to step into my best self, and be truly expansive. Without the safe space to be vulnerable and open none of my transformation would have been possible. Thank you again for shifting the direction of my journey!”


“Very soon after I finished my coaching sessions with Liz I knew that she had made a difference and helped me get "unstuck" from a place of insecurity that I had been operating from for a long time. Now that it's over a year later, I realize what lasting impact Liz's guidance has had on me. Over the past year, I've increased my business doing more work that I love for clients who are in-line with my core values. I even re-designed my website several months ago and realize that how it looks, feels, and speaks is a testament to the work I did with Liz.””

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