Beyond question, I believe that creating a state of well-being is vital to any person wanting to move beyond limitations and create something new.  Therefore it is a big part of our coaching agenda. Why?  Because moving beyond limits takes energy, courage, and presence of mind.  A depleted body, a scattered mind, an ignored heart, and a daily life with little space or time is no place for creativity and heightened awareness to flourish. 
When clients are under-performing or not meeting their own objectives, the first place we look is at their level of well-being.  How full are your buckets?  Clients will attend to areas such as:

  • adequate (or even abundant!) sleep
  • proper eating
  • exercise
  • spaciousness in your schedule, spending time in nature
  • connections for love and support, space for spiritual quiet
  • time to reflect and be in silence

It is predictable and normal in our society to turn a blind eye to our physical and emotional well-being.  We are driven to do more and more as a measure of “success”.  Time and time again, we are reminded by lack-luster results that well-being is foundational to a life and a business that works.  There are no exceptions to this.  People are stretched thin and wonder why they aren’t joyful, successful, or happy.

Many clients have reported powerful shifts that emerge seemingly out of the blue as a result of simple self-care practices.  One client who struggled with a crippling lack of focus and drive (sometimes referred to as depression), discovered that a simple daily walk in the sunshine resulted in her suddenly having the inner power to tackle projects that had been haunting her for years.  She had created a schedule that allowed no room for self-care, reflection and nurturing.  By agreeing to a simple well-being practice she shifted her consciousness.  This inward connection allowed her to release her resistance.  It can be that simple.

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